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Courses focus on a single aspect of the Crazy for Change success path. Our courses will help you to develop your abilities in specific areas, solve specific challenges or make the most of opportunities, as well as to see how we work and to find out more about us. All our courses are video based and usually include audio and pdf worksheets to download.

You can join a course at any time, and work through it in your own time. Although there is no direct contact with your course tutor, there is a facility for you to comment and ask questions in each module of our courses.

Payment is by a single fee which provides unlimited access to the course

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The Crazy for Change Tribe is scheduled to launch in September 2022. It will be a combination of content, community and group coaching that will take you on our five-stage path to a meaningful and purposeful life. As a Tribe member, you will get monthly content, a monthly live group coaching session and the opportunity to connect and converse with your Tribe leaders and fellow travellers. Members of the Tribe will have free access to all Crazy for Change courses.

By joining the Tribe you will meet like minded people, receive ongoing support and teaching and have your questions answered by a Tribe leader and fellow traveller. Membership of the Tribe will be by monthly retainer (with the option to pay a discounted annual subscription) and open twice a year for five days in March and September.

If you are interested in becoming a member at the next enrolment you should join our list to receive news of the Tribe launch, as well as your free copy of Crazy for Change: Five Challenging Steps to a Meaningful Life, our Weekly Insights and monthly Meaningful Newsletter.


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Our personal coaching programme provides one-to-one regular coaching in tranches of six 50-minute sessions, normally over Zoom. The aim of our coaching is, as with all our services, to help you move to a situation where you are leading a life of meaning and purpose. Coaching provides an opportunity to work through your opportunities, challenges and roadblocks through direct contact with your coach.

As coaches, we will listen to you, provide encouragement and support, ask questions to aid self-discovery and explore painful experiences and limiting beliefs that hold you back. We will, occasionally provide you with advice or suggest options and alternatives. Coaching is highly personal and focussed on your future success, and is therefore the most most effective of all our products.

We ask that all clients book a single initial introductory coaching session before booking their first series of six sessions.

When you purchase a six-session coaching package you will also receive free membership of the Crazy for Change Community for a full year and free access to all our courses.

Coaching information

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Terms & conditions

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Virtual coaching

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We curate a library of background material covering psychology, the stages of change, neuroscience, and individual elements of our path to success.

Our resources are included in the price for all members of the Crazy for Change Tribe and coaching clients.