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Courses focus on a single aspect of the Crazy for Change success path. Our courses will help you to develop your abilities in specific areas, solve specific challenges or make the most of opportunities. All our courses are video based and usually include audio and pdf worksheets to download.


Crazy for Change provides courses, community and group coaching to take you on our five-stage path to a meaningful and purposeful life. As a member, you will get monthly content and free access to our portfolio of courses, a monthly live group coaching session and the opportunity to connect, 24/7, and converse with your fellow travellers.

Membership open twice a year for five days in April and October. Please add your name to the waitlist when enrolment is closed.


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Coaching is in batches of six sessions. We ask that all clients book a single initial introductory coaching session before booking their first series of six sessions. A six-session coaching package includes free membership of the Crazy for Change Community for a year and  all our courses.

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Virtual coaching

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We curate a library of background material covering psychology, the stages of change, neuroscience, and individual elements of our path to success.

Our resources are included in the price for all members of the Crazy for Change Tribe and coaching clients.

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